Emarketing Awards

Email is the most widely-used Internet service. Email marketing has become the number one marketing tool in the USA. Consumers check their email more times daily than they watch TV, read the newspaper or listen to the radio. Companies can launch an entire email campaign right from their desktop.

There is a multitude of benefits generated from e-mail marketing. Companies will be able to target new prospects, build a database, drive online sales, promote new products and services, communicate with clients, strengthen and expand their client database, establish brand awareness, increase response rates, and reduce customer acquisition costs. Using e-mail marketing campaigns, companies are guaranteed faster response time, cheaper cost per unit in comparison to the direct mail and better response rates that reaches ranges from 5-15 % in comparison to the direct mail that have from 1-2 % response rates.

SWIS provides total marketing campaigns for companies that would like to market their products and services on the web. Through our database mailing lists of internal, external, prospect customers, SWIS provides the services required helping you grow your permission-based email list and deliver personalized high-volume email campaigns within days.

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