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Oracle Portal provides straightforward methods to build applications that access corporate information, publish and manage content, and initiate workflow-enabled business processes, both internal and external to the company. Oracle solution combines platform, product and professional services to integrate business applications and information on a company’s corporate Intranet. Through Oracle  Portal, companies can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their corporate Intranet by introducing functionality such as collaboration, document management, news delivery, business process automation, report generation and rich search capabilities. Intranet Portal provides employees, and those external parties who have been granted privileges, a single point of access to conduct any business task, share in any process or gain access to knowledge and data in the company.

ComAct Net was Soficom ‘s output for what can be achieved using Oracle Portal. ComAct Net is a virtual company, assuming that it has 4 departments; each department has it’s own activities that can be done only by the members, each department has also services served to other department that can be seen by all employees. Also every employee has customized items such as their personal calendar and holidays information.

The demo solution is divided into 5 sections; Main, HR, IT, Sales, Finance.
Each of the sections differs in content according to the logged in user. Our generic solution provides your company with 4 main departments that contain 4 relevant functions, depending on your business needs. This solution could be customized on two levels. Firstly, the described functions and roles can be customized according to your organization’s business processes and security guidelines. Secondly, the main sections themselves can be organized differently, for example, by product group rather than function. In addition, the screens will themselves, of course, be customized to your company’s interface.

Solution Benefits
This solution offers recognizable benefits; on both the Technical and Organizational levels.

Technical Level Organizational Level
An easy-to-use, intuitive and organized interface More efficient business processes
Single users sign-own with multiple access levels  Single, reliable and always up-to-date source of information
A customizable interface and a modular design Less information publishing and distributing costs
A secure, manageable framework for delivering services and information to distributed users Employees can focus on tasks that add value to the company
A scalable and centralized architecture Less wasted time
Integration with the reliable, scalable and secure Oracle database Information is shared and a wider sector of the employee community can be involved in early stages of idea development


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