Business sites need to load fast and run well. If your site is too slow to load, then you’re likely to lose a potential customer. Regardless of who designs and manages your website, a website need to settle on some type of computer system.

SWIS provides superlative hosting services for those customers who have a website and are looking for either a domain name or would like to change their hosting service provider. SWIS features a wide array of reliable, secure hosting solutions to support virtually every web requirement - from a static Web catalogue, to E-commerce sites and Oracle-based, dynamic sites. Through our home servers, the company can store (host) its website and be responsible for operating its site live on the Internet. Having a backbone from both Egynet and Batelco guarantees faster loading to your site. Your site is guaranteed having a high-speed link to the Internet, and this ensures downloading your pages as quickly as possible.

GegaMail Offer

Soficom Communication new email service, "GegaMail" is a professional utility to customize the email system for the users whom E-mail is so important. GegaMail can accessed through the web or using your normal E-mail Client, from any where in Egypt or from abroad. Users can send and receive from their E-mail clients (Outlook, Eudora,…) from home, office, Mobile, Cyber Café’s,…., anywhere. GegaMail essential features are:

1- SMTP Authentication
It solved the problems of mobile users by giving them the ability to send and receive from any place with Internet connectivity.

2- Quota and Quota managements
Very powerful way to limit the mailboxes of users to certain limit automatically and prevent any inclusive increase in mailboxes with no grant.

3- IMAP/POP3 support
POP3 is the dominant service for checking mail which actually check the inbox of the mailbox...but IMAP gives the ability to control your mailbox and create and delete subfolders and keep your message on the server according to the quota

4- Storage
The basic storage for the service is 1 GB, 2GB and 5 GB and the administrator of the domain can create whatever number of E-mail boxes till reaching to his Qouta

5- Administration
The administrator can create, delete, change password, specify the quota, edit user information according to the need and within the total Qouta for his domain, also the administrator can administrate his domain

6- Anti Virus
All messages sent to you are checked for Viruses and infected messages are removed automatically.

7- Anti Spam
Major Spam sites are blocked and can not reach your mailbox

8- Personalized messages filters
Automatically block the junk and spamming mails which are directed to you using simple customized filters set by the user

9- Calendar
For business and personal use, the need and the ability to retrieve my previously set appointments is a great deal especially if you can do that anywhere and any place even if the user is over the calendar have a certain system that it can save the there's a utilities to remind the user with them

10- Multi-Email Check
Your mail box can be configured to work like an email client to collect your other pop3 mail boxes to gather all mails in one place. Multiple sub folders can be created to manage and differentiate among them.

11- Auto replies
Customize your own message and send automated replies for every sender when you are away from your mail box

12- Address Book
Carry your address book with you whenever you are on the Internet. The user can import his address book created by outlook express or MS Outlook or Netscape to Address Book.

13- Spell Check
Review and check your messages for correct spelling before sending them


- Manage size , Add and Delete Mailboxes On line
- Access Domain Via Web
- UID, Password independent from IP
- Virus & Anti Spam Protection
- Money Back Guarantee within 3 days
- International access through any EMail Client
- Free phone support 7 days a week

Terms & Conditions:

Packages include Domain name registration
All prices are in Egyptian Pounds paid in advance.
Installation fee within Cairo limits are L.E. 50
Monthly payment via Credit Card only.

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