My School application has successfully passed all Microsoft testing

My School application has successfully passed all Microsoft testing. Microsoft Middle East has proudly added our My School applications under its proper category on its website that has been newly released. For details please visit

My School application has been developed using:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2002.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
Microsoft has published our My School application on the very well-known tech. magazine Experience
Soficom has proudly launched " My School", an electronic school management system, in a joint seminar with Microsoft Egypt on Tuesday 22 April, 2003.

is introducing a new, revolutionary Internet Portal for parents/teachers and School administration. All parties will be able to communicate into the 21st century with the launch of “ My School”, an interactive web portal for school management system. It serves as a web link for parents to access information relating to their child’s progress via the school’s administrative system.

Parents wanting to access information about their child’s attendance, grades and behaviour all are issued with a unique user password and password provided by their school. This ensures complete security whilst providing online access. Future elements in development for the portal include information on homework; messaging between parents and teachers; and the ability to pay online for school outings and expenses (Phase to be added per request).

Teachers’ jobs in schools using the e-School system have been simplified considerably by electronic information collection. The automated process means that attendance information is constantly monitored, day by day, to help both parents and school administration. Collectively, Grades, achievements and behavioural data are also accessed easily by both parents and teachers. All of this information can be made available to parents facilitating a seven day-a-week, 24 hour Internet access to students’ records.

School Administration want to post school news, have daily contact with students & teachers problems, and publish timetable for teachers and their daily activities. The school will be able to facilitate multilevel interaction between parents, students and teachers.

Students want to contact their teachers, upload their homework, want to chat and have fun with their school colleagues...much more is encountered for students.

Product description
“ My School”, Soficom’s e-School Management Intranet, is built on SQL server 2000 and .Net framework that provides any company with complete integration and customization to the different modules of the school management process. “ My school” provides School Administration, Parents and Teachers with complete control and monitoring to all interschool activities through easy to use tools. It keeps the School Administration online on day-to-day contact with students and parents requirements. The School Intranet will enable the School to facilitate information flow and management between interested parties.

Main Benefits
Your School administrator will be able to manage daily tasks through viewing Parents/ Teachers requests.
  • Complete documentation to all school activities.

  • Complete facilitation to school paper work cycle.

  • Interaction with different school administration departments.

  • Teachers / Students interaction and follow up to the major school tasks

  • General administration and monitoring to daily tasks by various managerial levels.

  • Creating full information database for school members / parents and students.
Main Features:
  • Application is built on .Net framework for best performance and easy integration with other company systems.

  • Complete customization to all different modules of the school management process.

  • Ready-made and customized reports for school managers, parents and teachers.

  • Internal modification to all phases according to business rules.

  • Easy to use web interface.

  • Multiple language interfaces.
Target Market:
  • International schools.
  • Egyptian Language Schools.

  • El Tagrebeyah Schools.

My School Demo
Video Demo
My School Site

For more information about the product and for any demo requests, please contact:
Mrs. Marwa Emad
Web Sales Engineer

Eng. Hossam Ouda
Web Manager

Eng. Mohamed Fouad
Corporate Account Manager

Eng. Marwa Abd El Fattah
Corporate Account Manager

Soficom wins 1st prize in E-marketing at Oracle World Copenhagen

Oracle Awards 1st Prize to Soficom Communications, one of Oracle Partner Network Members in recognition of outstanding e-Marketing Campaign At Oracle World, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 25, 2002.

The Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division of Oracle Corp, the world's largest enterprise software vendor, has awarded Soficom Communications for its first e-Marketing position among partner organizations judged to have conducted the best e-Marketing campaign of the previous three months. The competition was severe; it includes 60 other campaigns, which were created using the self-service e-marketing services to Oracle partners on the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) web portal. Soficom Communications being an Egyptian e-business implementation company and one of the leading ISPs in the Egyptian market since 1997 won the first prize.

Soficom successfully created the questionnaire on Oracle Partner Network portal. Soficom was able to create awareness and generate demand on its services through expanded marketing campaign kits. ‎The main purpose of the questionnaire is to enable SWIS “ oficom web/Intranet Solutions” Department to have better understanding to the current Egyptian IT market needs and establishing the best positioning and advertising strategies to target that market. Ms. Fatma Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, SWIS Marketing Specialist said, “ The survey aimed to answer the following questions: ‎"What is the status of IT plans of medium-to-large companies in Egypt, specifically with respect to ‎‎Internet development activities (Web, Intranet/Extranet, E-commerce)? What do companies ‎ider value in companies providing these services? Which communications and sales methods are ‎‎the most effective in reaching these companies? Which companies are thought of by our target customers ‎‎when considering these service‎ methodology?”

“Soficom was able to hit the target by getting the feedback of decision-makers and IT managers in Egypt. Soficom was able to send more than 2500 e-mails through e-mail blasts and the feedback was unexpected from the number of respondents that reached up to 130” Said Ablel Mohsen.

‎ Alfonso Di Ianni, senior vice president for Global Partnering, Oracle Worldwide said "The campaigns evaluated for these awards demonstrate that many partners are getting real, tangible benefits from conducting e-marketing campaigns using the Oracle online services. In particular, the winning entries stand as superlative examples of what can be achieved when a marketing campaign is conducted online."

Abdel Mohsen said after the award "Soficom appreciates Oracle's approach to e-marketing activities. We have found it very important and essential to e-market our survey and promote our Web-enabled solutions and services. Using Oracle e-marketing tools and being an Oracle partner provides us with strength and competitive advantage in the Egyptian Market."

Oracle & Soficom Seminar:

In response to the e-forced challenges in today’s business explosion, Soficom found it essential to gather companies in order to understand the elements of E-business, broaden their markets and thereby make more money. Due to Oracle’s trust in Soficom as being one of the leading companies in the field of Internet services, we were proud to be the 1st Oracle Partner in Egypt to present a total solution based on Oracle Portal. After having a successful experience with Oracle through the Cairo Opera House Intranet Solution, we were interested to have another generalized / tailored application for business companies.
The purpose from this seminar is to create local awareness regarding the benefits of e-business using Oracle Technology. In fact, Soficom has prepared and organized a joint seminar in corporation with Oracle Egypt to explore this new technology. Soficom has managed to invite decision-makers from medium, large and multinational companies from all over Egypt.
Soficom prepared a live demo to present a multitude of advantages out of using an Intranet solution. Soficom demo presented a cost-effective way to expand market opportunities, improve business process efficiencies, and develop customer relationships. Our Prototype Intranet package saves time, decreases expenses, increases availability of information, provides better decision support, and facilitates linking with partners. This Intranet solution raises competitive advantage and consequently improves market positions. Soficom and Oracle were eager to contribute in this joint seminar in order to demonstrate how e-business will improve the business process of many companies in the Egyptian market.
The seminar was highly successful; the feedback from the clients was excellent. A significant number of potential leads was generated not only for the Intranet solution only but for all Soficom services. Our current and prospect clients appreciated the event a lot and expressed their interest in attending and contributing in further events. Both Soficom and Oracle were proud of the seminar output and were interested to arrange future events together using other tools.


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