Oracle’s Integrated Architecture: The Power of Simplicity

E-businesses put their entire supply and demand chains online. Basically, there are two ways to try to achieve this level of integration, so that you will have continuous, real-time visibility into all your business processes.

The more complex and time-consuming way is to buy a variety of applications and components from several different vendors. Then prepare to write a blank check to your favorite systems integrator to figure out how to make it all work together. With this approach, up to 40 percent of your IT budget will go toward systems integration costs—and you still aren’t guaranteed complete integration.

The other way is to use Oracle’s technology, which provides out-of-the-box integration. This enables you to get up and running faster, so that you can focus on your core business instead of systems integration. You can also save a lot of money.

Other software vendors may talk about integration. But only Oracle provides a single, unified data model that stores information across a full range of applications. You can maintain a single definition of employees, customers, suppliers, and products, so that everyone is accessing the same data.


Oracle9i: Unbreakable

Oracle9i, comprising the Oracle9i Database and the Oracle9i Application Server, is the powerful and complete internet platform you need to consolidate data, deploy applications faster, lower your cost of computing—and put your company’s security ORACLE SOFTWARE STRATEGY OVERVIEW first. After all, who can afford downtime? Only Oracle9i offers innovative security features such as Real Application Clusters to protect you from system, storage, site, or other failures.

Oracle databases have 15 international security evaluations. IBM DB2 has none. Oracle9i Application Server is the leading application server and can run Java applications faster than IBM or BEA.

This helps explain why the world’s biggest and best Web sites—from to Yahoo!—rely on Oracle products to handle enormous numbers of users and massive quantities of information.


Oracle E-Business Suite: Continuous, Real-Time Business Intelligenc

The Oracle E-Business Suite—the first and only set of applications able to work with a single global database—allows you to connect and automate the entire flow of business processes across the front and back office. This gives you the foundation for complete, consolidated, and critical information such as sales positions, inventory levels, and revenue across all lines of business, products, and geographies. Plus, there’s no more waiting for data to pass through a separate data aggregation and analysis system. Your executives can get daily business intelligence that reveals the state of your business relative to past, present, and projected performance metrics—so they can drive profitability every day, not just once a month or once a quarter.


Oracle Outsourcing

Outsourcing is transforming the industry by lowering the cost of managing software and hardware. Oracle Outsourcing enables you to access your Oracle software over a secure network, while our experts take care of the management, maintenance, and upgrades. This frees you to focus your resources on core business competencies. With a highly flexible deployment model, Oracle Outsourcing allows you to choose where your hardware and software reside. You can have your software hosted in one of Oracle’s secure data centers or make use of your existing hardware investment and have Oracle remotely manage the Oracle software residing on servers at a location of your choice.


Oracle Services: Continuous Connection to Oracle Expert

Oracle Consulting provides the experience to meet your implementation needs, while Oracle University and Oracle Support supply world-class educational resources, assisted services, and ongoing support to help you deploy our software to allow for optimal strategic value for your business.


Committed to Your Succes

Oracle understands the many challenges you face in today’s tough business environment. We’re here to provide focused expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and innovative products to help your company become more efficient and effective, so that you can compete and win. We’ve done it for companies of all shapes and sizes, and we’re ready to do it for yours. Our strategy is simple -- we succeed when we help you succeed.

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